Update #2 – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends

With Black Friday 2013 behind us, here is a list retailers with the highest search volume. (Note that this data was isolated for United States): Apple Store GameStop Toys R Us Sears Gap Kmart Hollister The term “Apple Store” had the largest nominal searches amongst all the retailers listed, although it seems that compared to … More Update #2 – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends

Tesla Troubles?

Over the past few weeks there has been much concern over Tesla Model S catching fire after running over metal debris. The company has been under a lot of media scrutiny as a result and many are asking the question of “How safe is this car?” My personal opinion is that if you were to … More Tesla Troubles?

AMC: The Walking Dead

Strong positive correlation between the increase in keyword searches for “Walking Dead” and the share price of the underlying production company AMC. One thing to note is the tendency for “Walking Dead” searches to spike during the September – November(Season Premiere) period and the March – April (Season Finale) period. Take note of AMC’s stock … More AMC: The Walking Dead