Alibaba IPO Survey: Some Clarity as to How Many US Buyers there will be

This post is in response to a Wall Street Journal blog post which can be referenced here.

With Alibaba’s decision to IPO in America, questions surrounding whether this will be the largest IPO ever has arisen and if the growth story is still present. There are also questions about whether there is interest amongst U.S. investors to take positions in a company situated half way across the globe and with comparatively little exposure when compared against other U.S. E-Commerce businesses. (Does this even matter?)

We here at Trendvesting have taken a look at a few search term trends in google to try and answer some of the above questions:

alibaba_US alibaba_Worldwide

It is clear that interest in the term “Alibaba” continues to grow within the US and globally. Being that Alibaba’s main monetization medium is web based, the increase in searches for the term should bode well for the business. With more people being directed to the online marketplace we should expect to see a greater number of individuals converting visits into transactions.

So, should it matter that Alibaba has relatively little presence in the U.S.? Our next post will suggest other search trends that investors may want to keep an eye on.

Happy Trading!


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