Most Searched TSX Venture Companies: March 2015

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Searches for the constituents of the TSX Venture Composite Index are in for the month of March 2015. We noticed the following:

Companies that had the greatest month over month change in searches. March 2015 search activity vs. February 2015 search activity:

Keyword MOM % Chg
Callinex Mines 1600%
Gold Bullion Development 500%
Midland Exploration 500%
Questfire Energy 400%
Noront Resources 356%
Iona Energy 281%
Sirona Biochem 280%
Zenyatta Ventures 279%
Mirasol Resources 275%
Niocorp Developments 275%

The companies that had the top nominal search count for the month of March 2015 were as follows:

Company Name March 2015 Searches
theScore 4400
Immunotec 3600
Columbus Gold 2900
CERF 1900
Prism Medical 1600
Empire Industries 1600
Blackline GPS 1300
POET Technologies 1300
Medicure 1300
RDX Technologies 1300


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