Presidential Elections Search Poll Update

Following up on a prior post documenting the predictive value of Google Trends in determining U.S. election outcomes, (see here) we decided to get an update on search counts for each of the presidential candidates: The week of 2016-10-09 saw searches for the term ‘Trump’ increase to their highest level over searches for ‘Clinton’. While this … More Presidential Elections Search Poll Update

US Elections and the Investment Trend: Can Google Trends Predict the Outcome?

The first of many Presidential debates took place on September 26th and what we witnessed was a less than prepared Republican learning a valuable lesson in politics from a seasoned Democratic candidate. Our focus here isn’t to make the case of which candidate is better suited than the other but to understand better the market … More US Elections and the Investment Trend: Can Google Trends Predict the Outcome?

TWTR Surges on Buyout Rumor

TWTR spiked nearly 20% at today’s open on rumors that a number of companies are putting together a formal buyout offer. See Bloomberg report for further details: While this comes at a surprise, we note that the surge in price will make it very costly for the acquirer, possibly even casting doubts in going … More TWTR Surges on Buyout Rumor

Revisiting the Twitter Investment trend

We’ve been vocal for some time about the negative Twitter Investment Trend. While we often preface our search trend analysis with a clear message that other fundamental factors should be taken into consideration when considering a particular investment, in the case of Twitter, we believe that search trends have a much greater impact on their financial … More Revisiting the Twitter Investment trend